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Recently the OECD’s Programme for International Assessment (PISA) published the results of the survey on digital literacy  www.oecd.org/edu/pisa/2009 . And once again we could see that Spanish students didn’t pass the reading test though this time it was focused on digital reading. It seems that to be a digital native, those who have been born almost with a PC in their hands, does not necessarily imply to be a good digital reader. The survey illustrates that most of the 15-year-old boys and girls are not able to localize and interpret the information they get access when this is not conducted expressly.

According to the survey this would mean that these students won’t have full access to the education, job and social opportunities in the 21st Century.

If the aim of this survey is to help countries see how their school systems match up globally with regard to their quality, equity and efficiency, in Spain  schools have a lot of work ahead if they don’t want to be at the queue. We see that we are not the number one in reading nor digitally.

But, as the OECD illustrates, computer use at school had little impact on results, while using a computer at home had a more marked impact on results. To help students at school, computer use should be integrated into curricula and more invested in training teachers to use them for teaching and to help students learn.

We hope that next time our schools improve in digital reading though, in my opinion, maybe it is a question of attitude more than aptitude.

If you want to know further details about PISA test, you can visit La prueba PISA de lectura digital at Libros y Bitios by José Antonio Millán.

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