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Spirit Island and Maligne Lake

This is my second postcard from Canada. From this small island called Spirit Island which is in the middle of Maligne Lake you can see three glaciers. The view is really amazing!

To get to  Spirit Island you must take a tour by boat which only runs  in the spring to autumn season  because the rest of the year the lake is totally frozen. Maligne Lake is fed and drained by the Maligne River.

Maligne Lake, as well as Maligne River, Maligne Mountain and Maligne Pass takes its name from the French word for malignant or wicked.

Before arriving to this lake you pass by Medicine Lake. Medicine Lake is a geologic anomaly in the sense that it is not actually a lake but rather an area in which the Maligne River (flowing from Maligne Lake into the Athabasca River) backs up and suddenly disappears underground. And maybe because of this effect, it takes its name or it would be better to say due to a not very accurate translation from the aboriginal language. It is said that the natives used the same word to express ‘medicine’ and ‘wizardry’. A good example of how a misunderstanding endures through time.

Nevertheless, it is the world’s largest underground stream.

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A Voyage into Words

Words are always in our mind

Words are our raw material

Words seduce us

Words are our toy

Words are clay in our hands

Words are the meaning of our living

We all surrender to words

Words belong to the world in which every translator immerse herself/himself

Every translation is a journey to the understanding through words

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