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Navidad 2011-12

This is my Christmas greetings to all of you. I hope you will enjoy the photograph taken at more than 6,500 feet high. The view is  from Whistler Mountain Peak and it belongs to my Postcards from Canada collection from my summer tour.

I hope the New Year brings all of you the joy and illusion for your dreams to come true.

Here is my Christmas present, a beautiful son by Adele. Enjoy it!

Postcards from Canada III

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Today on the International Translators Day I would like to talk about the easiness in adapting to changes the human being has. This chameleonic skill includes itself the vocabulary which is present in our lives and in the way we interact with others. Thus, it is very interesting to see that as we get used to new technologies with the chances they give us to communicate with others via Internet, we create a new vocabulary to harmonize with these new changes. This is happening with Twitter, the social networking which is having strong impact on our lives and consequently on our vocabulary.

In this sense, I expressly chose “Twocabulary” as the title, a compound word from  “Twitter vocabulary”.  This is a curious example of our ability to create neologisms,  some of them will endure and others will have a limited existence, but this is not an obstacle to find them somehow interesting, sonorous and maybe eccentric.

Here below there are some of these compound words I came across with  surfing the Internet and which I would like to share with you. I hope you will find them interesting and maybe you can add some new ones:

  • Celebritweet – A celebrity who uses Twitter.
  • Egotwistical – Tending to talk excessively about oneself on Twitter.
  • Fly-Bye – Signing off of Twitter
  • Followorthy – A Twitter user who is worthy of being followed.
  • Illtwitterate – The uninitiated. For those who just “dont get it”.
  • Puntwit – Someone offering opinion or criticism in an authoritative manner on Twitter.
  • Regurg-a-Tweet – The act of re-tweeting a tweet that someone originally tweeted about you.
  • Serentwipity – Funny, ironic, or thought-provoking pairing or grouping of tweets in a timeline
  • Speedtweet – A grouping/list of favorite or most contacted user on twitter.
  • Spitter – A Twitter spammer
  • Star Twek – A tweet about or involving anything related to Star Trek. Trekkies who are also tweeple, Star Twek
  • Twacker – A computer programming who is hacking Twitter.
  • Twacklist – Twitter + blacklist
  • Twam – Short for Tweet Spam
  • Twaphasia – A language disorder where twitter speak makes its way into real life.
  • Twatter – Twitter chatter.
  • Twavatar – Twitter avatar
  • Tweaven – Twitter + heaven
  • Tweeffic – Tweetering while stuck in traffic.
  • Tweek – Twitter geek (Twitter + Geek)
  • Tweekative – Talking or chatting in twitter too much.
  • Tweeps – Twitter + peeps (friends)
  • Tweetheart(s) – Twitter + Sweetheart(s)
  • Tweetlover – The fondness or lover of tweets.
  • Tweetsperity – Someone who is successful, flourishing, or thriving on Twitter.
  • Tweetup – Twitter + meetup.
  • Twendy – Twitter + trendy.
  • Twequilibrium – When your number of followers exactly matches the number of people you follow.
  • Twetin – Twitter + cretin.
  • Twewbie – Someone new to Twitter. A Twitter newbie.
  • Twictory – To solve a problem using twitter.
  • Twiller – A thriller written via twitter.
  • Twinfomercial – The selling of ones own product, disguised as a tweet
  • Twingo – Twitter lingo. The informal language and speech of Twitter users
  • Twinion – The ones who follow you on twitter.
  • Twitalicious – Something super awesome, twitter style.
  • Twiterature – Literary works in twitter.
  • Twitetiquette – Etiquette of using twitter.
  • Twitness – Witnessing a tweet you’d rather not.
  • Ttwit Twat – Chit chat for twitter.
  • Twitterholic – A person who is addicted to using Twitter.
  • Twitterkend – A person who spends the weekend using Twitter
  • Twitterphobe – A person who is afraid of Twitter.
  • Twitterpuff – A person who uses Twitter to pat themselves on the back for their accomplishments.
  • Twittery – Characterised by twittering.
  • Twollow –The act of following someone on Twitter
  • Twork – What I should be doing instead of twittering.
  • Tworkortunity – About work: a job opportunity.
  • Twypo – A typo on Twitter
  • Twvision – Twitter + Television

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Moraine Lake and the Ten Peaks

Though the day was not bright enough to see the Ten Peaks reflected on the lake, I must say that this spot of nature captivated me, as well as the whole West of Canada. Wordless in front of  such beauty of nature.

 Postcards from Canada: Moraine Lake is a glacially fed lake in Banff National Park, 14 kilometres outside the Village of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. It is situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, at an elevation of approximately 6183 feet (1884 m). The lake has a surface area of 0.5 km².

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